Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Nikon Deals: Second-hand Nikon Satisfaction

Grays of Westminster have become world-renowned for the quality of their used equipment, and have set a standard to which other dealers aspire. Second-hand equipment is covered by a full year guarantee. Mail order customers can buy in the knowledge and assurance that the equipment they receive will match and often exceed the grading description given.

Nikon D3S

"I have bought and sold on here quite a few times now. The items I have bought have been spot on, and I hope my buyers share the same opinion. Buying second hand is really all about where/who you buy from. If the reputation is good, you can rest assured the chances of getting a bad deal/transaction are slim indeed A plug for Grays of Westminster... Utterly exceptional service, and described down to the detail if consulted by phone. Bought my F5 from them. Couldn't be happier "

"I have received the Nikon D100 today and I would like to express my great satisfaction with the superb condition and the completeness of all the original bits-CDs-books and so on, not always with used cameras, and to have everything is very rare. I think the condition of the D100 could only be bettered with one straight off the production line. Once again thank you for a super camera. You may use this e-mail if you wish."

- Clarence Thorpe, Customer Email

"I ordered a 70-300 mm VR sold as second hand on Thursday after 2.00 p.m. To my surprise it arrived on Friday morning. My surprise was even greater on unpacking the lens. It was advertised as mint- and that was reflected in the price. There is not a mark on the lens, the soft case has never been out of its folds and the lens was still in the original packing. On the camera it handles beautifully with a smooth action and fast silent focus, just what I expected and wanted. What excellent service ; once again I am a satisfied customer making the right choice using Grays of Westminster."
- Michael Shaw, Customer Email
AF-S Nikkor 24-120mm f4G ED VR

Delivery to The Goring Hotel: "I have just collected the charger and I wanted to thank you for the flawless service and the trouble you went to at very short notice. It makes being a Nikon owner really worthwhile."
Robin James, Customer Email

Grays have many items in stock that don't feature on their web site... Well worth a visit... You can also let them know of a specific 'want' and they'll notify you as and when they have it... total trust and exemplary service... Last time a shop gave me that particular feeling was about 30 years ago and it was called Hamleys... Grays are really friendly and knowledgeable, if you want something Nikon there is nowhere better in London, possibly the UK... I know everything will be exactly as expected.

Excerpted from GeoffR's comments on the Amateur Photographer forum

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