Thursday, 17 February 2011

"My Grays of Westminster experience made my re-entry into photography such a joy"

Grays of Westminster at 40 Churton Street

After a twenty year gap which I truly regret, I have taken up photography again. After a great deal of research, all my experience was pre-digital, I decided to purchase a Nikon camera. Having scoured all available avenues I came upon Grays of Westminster and having perused the website, made my way to Churton Street with a certain amount of apprehension - after all I am a novice in the digital photography age.

On the first occasion, I was helped by Bron who was patience personified as he explained the features and mysteries of the D7000 allowing me the opportunity of taking the aforementioned onto Churton Street to have a play. As time was short, I bid my thanks and farewells and dashed to a meeting.

The following week I returned and received a warm greeting from Bron; he was attending to another customer, and was helped by Tabitha. Again the service was exemplary; she was friendly, knowledgeable and patient. I purchased the D7000, the 18-200mm zoom and all the peripherals and the whole "Grays experience" made my re-entry into photography such a joy.

The ambience of the shop, the friendliness of the team and the range of product is absolutely out of the top draw and I would encourage anyone who is thinking about purchasing a new camera to pay a visit to Grays before they make their decision.

Please feel free to use this short note as you wish and pass on my thanks to all the team. I will be back to purchase all my additional requirements from you.

With kind regards,

Andrew R.R. Vickers

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