Saturday, 12 February 2011

Corinne Manches: Lumière Féminine at the Richard Young Gallery

The Richard Young Gallery is delighted to present this series of sensual photographic images from multi-disciplined artist Corinne Manches, which will be on display from 1st February to 9th March 2011.

In this, her first photographic exhibition, Manches’ work highlights the beauty of the female through the striking contrast between shadow and light.

The female body is presented in its natural state with light accentuating its form, shape and substance. The images are soft and fluid, suggested rather than defined. These photographs evoke sensuality through subtlety providing the viewer a glimpse into a private moment in time.

Manches studied art and design at Goldsmith’s College. As an illustrator, designer, art teacher, sculptor and photographer, she has gained exposure through a variety of artistic outlets. Manches lives and works in Surrey.

Richard Young Gallery

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