Sunday, 28 March 2010

Christie's International Auction is representing Michael Doven's photographic work

Michael Doven by Denise Duff,

Professional photgrapher Michael Doven, who was recently interviewed in the Nikon Owner magazine was contacted by Christie's International Auction with a request to represent his spectacular aerial photograph of Central Park, NYC.

Doven's photograph up for auction

"They asked to represent my fine art aerial photographic piece CENTRAL PARK (40” Giclee print on watercolor paper) which happens to be right on theme for them for a number of reasons. (It is an exterior viewpoint!)

I was honored to be invited (as only a few were selected) and I wanted to help, so I donated a large beautiful color print (Limited edition This is #1 of only 5 and #2 just sold today as well).

If you know of anyone who loves NY or might be interested in this exclusive image, and/or the tax deductable causes I am asking you to let them know that the bidding is open from April 8 (9am) until May 6 and can be done online at:"
Michael Doven photographer, Los Angeles, California

Excerpted from Michael Doven's blog,

This is the first time the Christie's Auction house is holding an auction to raise awareness of caring for our planet with all proceeds dedicated to raising funds for 4 environmental not-for-profits — Oceana, Natural Resources Defense Council, Conservation International, and Central Park Conservancy. It is called the GREEN auction and will occur at Rockefeller Plaza in NY on April 22 with a red carpet, etc. Many movie industry notables are involved in this event. For more details on the auction visit:

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