Friday, 11 December 2009

New 85mm f3.5 Micro Nikkor lens


Price £499.00 inc VAT

The New 85mm f/3.5 VR II micro Nikkor has arrived into stock. This is a new compact and lightweight DX format Macro lens with high quality optics. It's the perfect choice for exploring the world of close-up photography.

Ideal for those new to macro photography, the AF-S DX MICRO NIKKOR 85MM F/3.5G VR boasts a 1:1 reproduction ratio, allowing photographers to get lifelike close-ups of more intricate textures and details, even down to the fine texture on flower petals or insect wings. On top of this, the VR II system provides both a steady viewfinder image for composition and sharper results at slow shutter speeds or when shooting movie clips.

Beautifully balanced to take anywhere, the Nikon DX format provides a compact and light form factor that balances well with Nikon's range of DSLRs like the D90 and D5000. With a picture angle equivalent to a focal length of 127.5mm in FX/35mm format, it extends options beyond those offered by standard kit lenses, ideal for portraits or candid photography.

New D3s and 70-200mm

Both the D3s and 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II lens are now available in stock. If you have not been reached from our waiting list, please call to place your order and we should be able to supply you now (while stocks last).

Please note, there is a VAT increase on the 1st of January 2010 and prices are set to increase.

Nikon Owner Magazine - a perfect Christmas gift for the Nikon Devotee

If you are puzzled as to what to get for the Nikon devotee this Christmas, why not take out a subscription to the Nikon Owner magazine. The cost is £59.00 for a year and here are some of the benefits of subscribing:

Three-year warranty

A three-year warranty is available to Nikon Owner subscribers only for any new Nikon purchases made at Grays of Westminster. An eighteen-month warranty has just now also been made available for Nikon Owner subscribers purchasing second-hand kit from Grays of Westminster’s superb second-hand department.

Technical Helpline

Full use of our Technical Helpline, which is run expertly by Simon Stafford. There is an encyclopaedic list of Q&A’s on the Nikon Owner website, or subscribers can email him directly with any photographic queries, no matter how small or large.

Interactive website

Interactive subscribers' only website: subscribers' message board, subscribers' gallery (post your own images), press releases, technical equipment reviews, subscriber events, etc, etc.

Discounts off courses

Subscription to Nikon Owner also provides discounts off a range of other photographic courses, including the annual Heather Angel Wildlife and Natural History Workshop, and 10% off all courses at Nikon UK.

Discounts off Think Tank photographic bags

Nikon Owner subscribers also receive a 10% discount off Think Tank photographic bags if purchased at Grays of Westminster.


Special events are regularly organized for Nikon Owner subscribers.

Also for a short amount of time we have very nice leather Nikon diaries to give away to brand new subscribers. In the back of the diary is a history of Nikon cameras starting back to the establishment of Nippon Kogaku in 1917.

Please contact us at the shop to order a subscription for yourself or as a present and we can activate the online web access just before Christmas (or whenever you wish).

We look forward to hearing from you!

Kindest regards,

Tabitha Hardy

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