Friday, 25 March 2011

Grays of Westminster Customer Feedback

"...the whole 'Grays experience' made my re-entry
into photography such a joy."

After a twenty year gap which I truly regret, I have taken up photography again. After a great deal of  research, all my experience was pre-digital, I decided to purchase a Nikon camera. Having scoured all available avenues I came upon Grays of Westminster and having perused the website made my way to Churton Street with a certain amount of apprehension - after all I am a novice in the digital photography age.

On the first occasion, I was helped by Bron who was patience personified as he explained the features and mysteries of the D7000 allowing me the opportunity of taking the aforementioned onto Churton Street to have a play. As time was short, I bid my thanks and farewells and dashed to a meeting.

The following week I returned and received a warm greeting from Bron, he was attending to another customer, and was helped by Tabitha. Again the service was exemplary, she was friendly, knowledgeable and patient. I purchased the D7000, the 18-200 zoom and all the peripherals and the whole "Grays' experience" made my re-entry into photography such a joy.

Nikon D7000

The ambience of the shop, the friendliness of the team and the range of product is absolutely out of the top draw and I would encourage anyone who is thinking about purchasing a new camera to pay a visit to Grays before they make their decision.

Andrew R. R. Vickers.

"Excellent service as usual"

Just a note to confirm safe receipt of a Nikon D700 and MB-D10. Excellent service as usual - ordered late afternoon on Friday, delivered before 9.00 a.m. on Saturday!

Nikon D700 with the MB-D10 Battery pack

The camera is a gift for my son, because I'm still so pleased with the F6 that I bought from you some years ago, that I am still using that ... along with my original F, and as new F3 & F3P of course. All four cameras are used with MF Nikkors; my collection of AF's have been donated to the D700. ... Who knows, I may be converted to Nikon D yet!

Thank you again for your continuing excellent service.

Ivor Bolton

"We Nikon owners are so fortunate to have Grays of Westminster"

Thank you so very much for yesterday's (Mike Eleftheriades Definitive Panoramic Workshop) talk in London.

It was extremely instructive, helpful and you were most generous in sharing your knowledge. I came away inspired even though I had to leave for my train just before you showed your final images.

We Nikon owners are so fortunate to have Grays of Westminster and people like yourself who are so generous with your time and instruction.

I would also like to say that your way of showing the techniques is much superior to most 'gurus'. Your pace enable us to follow everything whereas most, if not all, others speed through with quick clicks in such a manner that one has difficulty in following and, by the time a note has been made, one is way behind what is happening on the screen. This is not what happened yesterday and I greatly commend you for that.

Yesterday was my first 'Grays' event' it will not be the last even given the hassle of travel down from Nottingham.

My sincere thanks to you and Gray for arranging the event.

Howard Fisher

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