Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Pursuit of Excellence - Michael Bond on Grays of Westminster

Michael Bond, Author

"I have yet to read Grays of Westminster - Exclusively...Nikon; that is a pleasure still to come, but already I know what to expect. It will be a "quality" production: the title, with its two key words Grays and Nikon, says it all.

Such excellence is instantly recognizable; you can see it, feel it, taste it, even smell it. But for all that, it is often hard to pin down as it is to analyze the 'star quality' of, say, the late Rex Harrison or Laurence Olivier.

The car in a Rolls Royce dealer's showroom exudes it, as do the college lawns at Oxford and Cambridge. The formula in both cases is deceptively simple. Untold man-hours go into the making of a Rolls Royce, along with much skill and pride of workmanship; for the latter, you take a level patch of ground, scatter some grass seed over it, then mow it and roll it regularly for some five hundred years or so.

The truth is that excellence is not something that happens out of the blue; it is a goal that needs to be aimed for in the first place. Aimed for and worked on with unswerving dedication.

The story of Nikon is one of dedication to quality; you only have to hold one of their products in your hand to realize that. Pass through the door of 40 Churton Street, Pimlico, take a look around, and you will find a similar story.

To parody the well known song: "Grays and Nikon go together like a horse and carriage": in culinary terms, the French would say it is 'un bon marriage', and in a world where all too often standards seem to be falling around us, these are things to cherish!"

Michael Bond
Creator of Paddington Bear

An excerpt from "Grays of Westminster Exclusively... Nikon - In the Company of Legends" by Gillian Greenwood

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