Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Pixiq Beta Launched

Sterling Publishing announced the beta launch of a unique, new website for photographers. Destined to become the preeminent photographic site on the web today, Pixiq.com boasts an unparalleled roster of industry experts, professional photographers, and photo bloggers who publish, post, comment, review, and converse in a dynamic and vibrant online community. It will be the most exciting and informative place on the web for all digital image-makers—from beginners to professionals, and everything in between.

Website screenshot of Pixiq.com

Pixiq will pique the interests and indulge the techno-obsession of 21st century digital photographers, and teach the skills needed for everything from snapshots to commercial shoots. From gear reviews to shooting techniques to business and legal advice, Pixiq has it all! Pixiq launches with articles by respected authorities such as: Bob Krist, George and Kathryn Lepp, Jack Reznicki, Edward C. Greenberg, Michael Clark, Simon Stafford, Diane Berkenfeld, Rob Sheppard, Peter K. Burian, Steve Sint, Ralph Lee Hopkins, Ferrell McCollough, Nancy Brown, Heather Angel, Jim Zuckerman, Joseph Meehan, Jenni Bidner, Mitch Aunger, Paul Harcourth Davies, Andrew Darlow, and many more!

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