Monday, 30 August 2010

Stanley Kubrick & Grays of Westminster

"Stanley Kubrick left school in the mid-1940s and became a professional photographer for Look magazine. In fact, as a teenager, he was the youngest staff photographer the magazine ever employed. He began with a plate camera and then moved on to the 2.25 format.

In the early 1950s he moved over to 35mm SLR cameras and never looked back. He probably had more cameras than shirts and though he sometimes dallied with other makes Nikon was always his preferred system.

I only ever knew him to defer to two people on matters photographic: Geoffrey Crawley, one time editor of the BJP*, and Gray Levett and the Grays of Westminster gang down in Pimlico who continue to give us an unrivalled service."
Tony Frewin
Personal Assistant to Stanley Kubrick

*British Journal of Photography

An excerpt from "Grays of Westminster Exclusively... Nikon - In the Company of Legends" by Gillian Greenwood, page 13

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