Monday, 26 April 2010

Where Nikon Comes From

Nippon Kogaku: the origin of Nikon

The Nippon Kogaku logo on Grays of Westminster’s shop front

Nippon Kogaku was the original name of the Nikon company. In Japanese, the words Nippon Kogaku mean 'Japan Optical'. It seems that they took the first two letters of NIppon and KOgaku and added an 'N' to form Nikon. As Nippon Kogaku was a bit of a mouthful for Western tongues, the company became the Nikon Corporation.

Nikon Logo

Founded in 1917 as Nippon Kogaku, Nikon Corp. has been in business for almost 100 years and, along with their brother company Nikkor, they have been industry leaders of cameras and lenses for decades.

Here at Grays, we are proud to be exclusively Nikon!

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