Friday, 26 February 2010

House of Lords Photographic Shoot with Mike Maloney OBE

A report on the House of Lords Photographic Shoot with Mike Maloney OBE on 13/2/2010 by Nikon Owner Magazine subscriber, Mike Eleftheriades (with Photos)

Dear Friends,

I thought I would provide a photo diary of the House of Lords photographic shoot organised by Grays of Westminster with Mike Maloney OBE and Nikon, on Saturday 13th of February 2010.

I would like to echo Karen's comments from her post a few days ago:

What a brilliant day at the House Of Lords. It was like stepping through time. Thank you to Gray, Gillian, Mike Maloney, Mike and all who made it possible for such a great day. Felt very special to be a part of the first group to be allowed in to photograph. Famous press photographer Mike Maloney OBE made us laugh and we could of listened to his amazing stories for a long long time. It was good to meet up with members old and new and a big congratulations to the winners. Another grand day out we will never forget. best wishes Karen.

Welcome at the Houses of Parliament, briefing to photographers in the chapel

The first group of photographers to shoot inside the House of Lords!

The photographers work in challenging conditions…

The magnificent ceiling is a popular subject...

Britain's highest decorated press photographer, Dr Mike Maloney OBE, with his Nikon D3s (of course!)

Looking for an unusual angle…

Gray Levett, Mike Maloney, the Yeoman Usher and Uri Zakay

"Someone is watching you"

Our next destination was the magnificent River Room...

… which offered spectacular views of the Thames

Mike Maloney gives his talk at Fitzroy House, here displaying a shot of himself by Sir Paul McCartney

The attendees submitted three of their favourite photographs and the judges, led by Mike Maloney, retired to choose the winners.

Later in the evening, we proceeded to a 3-course dinner at Elena's Etoile Restaurant in Charlotte Street, in a room adorned with celebrity-signed photographs.

After dinner there was a presentation of the winning images and awards, which included a Nikon D300s for the winner, kindly donated by Nikon UK.

The winners displayed originality and visualised a unique perspective, which made their images stand out from the rest. Here are the winning shots:

1. Andrew Downes

2. David Blundell

3. Diana Church

4. Michael Curtis

5. Susan Forester

Congratulations to the winners, thank you to everyone for attending and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best regards + many thanks,

Mike Eleftheriades


Alexander Bohn said...

What is the first photograph of? Its wonderful, but I can't tell what it is!

Mike Mason said...

It's a microphone used for sound on TV broadcasts. It hangs by a thin wire which has either been removed from the shot or has been obscured by using a narrow depth-of-field.

kim said...

Great idea for a day out and I love the winning shot! Looked like a great day out, hats off to Mike for orgnising.

I teach on a few photography holidays with and will now recommend students to check in to the Grays blog